The Hartford Auto Insurance Review for 2019 and Beyond

the hartford auto insurance review

Are you in the market for a new auto insurance policy? If that’s the case, you’re probably looking to shop around before picking a company to go with. After all, without comparison shopping, how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? If you are considering The Hartford auto insurance, review all of their features, offers, and competitors before making the call.

Automobile insurance is an investment that protects you and your future from the unexpected. That’s why most states require that you have it.

And there’s more to consider than accidents. Who will pay if your vehicle is stolen and wrecked? What if a fire destroys it? That’s when auto insurance becomes your best friend. Although not every state requires car insurance, it’s a sound financial investment. If you have a vehicle, you probably need car insurance.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Review: A Look at History

Known today as The Hartford, this car insurance company began in 1810 as a fire insurance company. It even hired an in-house fire department to serve its customers.

Fifteen years later, company representatives wrote an insurance policy for none other than Yale University. That was the first policy written for an institution of higher learning.

In 1835, The Hartford proved itself when a fire destroyed New York’s financial district, The Hartford Fire Insurance Company’s directors pledged their fortunes to help pay the company’s customer claims. That proved it was an insurance company who could protect its customers and would put anything on the line to do so — no matter the size or cost of the disaster involved.

The years following brought continued growth and advances in The Hartford’s offerings. At the turn of the century, the company saw a significant change.

Filling Customer Needs

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When the 20th century brought the automobile, the company filled another customer need — automobile insurance. Thus came the establishment of The Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company in 1913.

The insurance coverage the second company provided was varied. It brought accident, automobile liability, personal damage, and business interruption coverage.

Throughout the 20th century, The Hartford helped with some key advances in American life. It insured large-scale construction projects like the Hoover Dam, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and the Golden Gate Bridge. At the same time, it continued to serve everyday businesses, families, and individuals.

In 1984, it turned its efforts to AARP members. It still provides auto and home insurance for the organization’s members to this day.

Looking at the Company Today

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When considering a The Hartford auto insurance review, it’s important to keep the present in mind as well as history. Today, the company serves more than a million small businesses. Personal services like auto and home insurance, renters insurance, and umbrella insurance coverage are integral parts of the company’s offerings.

Annual revenue topped $17 billion in 2017, and shareholder equity was $13.5 billion.

The company has almost 18,500 employees. Its headquarters is in Hartford, Connecticut.

Nerdwallet rated The Hartford 3.5 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction. So, that’s something to keep in mind when considering their coverage.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Review: Pros and Cons

The Hartford Auto Insurance promises its commitment to its customers, especially its senior drivers. But it offers attractive benefits for younger customers, too.

It strives to fulfill those promises in some essential ways.

Buying a Policy Online

The Hartford Auto Insurance promises its commitment to its customers, especially its senior drivers. But it offers attractive benefits for younger customers, too.

It strives to fulfill those promises in some essential ways.

Diverse Coverage

Diverse Coverage

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This year’s Hartford Auto Insurance Review reveals a broad list of coverages and policy types. Standard bodily injury and property liability coverage are on that list, as is rental car insurance.

If your state allows it, The Hartford Auto Insurance will let you stack liability and uninsured motorist coverage. Multiple options are available.

The company makes filing an insurance claim convenient. You can file 24/7 by phone, through an agent, online, or with a mobile app. Track your claim with the mobile app or call the claims center.

Support features range from telephone to email to social media. Real-time chat is also available.

Policy Benefits You Will Appreciate

Any complete The Hartford Auto Insurance review shows the company offers a wide range of features above the standard.

Roadside assistance and towing will help anyone who travels frequently. Rental car and public transportation reimbursement are convenient after an accident.

Dedicated medical payment coverage is important. Those seriously injured, who can’t meet their basic obligations, can depend on The Hartford to provide help with shopping, gardening, and certain home maintenance tasks.

​You Might Not Qualify

The biggest downside to The Hartford for most consumers is that they aren’t eligible for coverage through the company. That’s because, in most states, The Hartford only offers coverage to AARP members. Additionally, many of their benefits are geared toward older drivers.

What’s Covered

Knowing what’s covered is a key part of any The Hartford auto insurance review.

Its no-fault insurance is important for personal injury protection. It pays for losses tied to injuries, no matter who caused the accident. Policyholders may find it especially helpful after an accident with multiple injuries.

Vehicle collision coverage from The Hartford helps pay for damage your car receives in a collision with another vehicle or an object. If you damage your car when you back into a tree, it helps pay repair costs.

Non-collision damage, known as comprehensive, is coverage you need if your car receives damage from a natural disaster, theft, or vandalism. Say your car is parked under a tree when a thunderstorm strikes and a falling branch breaks the windshield — non-collision could help pay the repair bill.

Coverage for Other Events

Suppose someone smashes a window to break into your car during the night. How will you pay the $600 repair bill? The answer is easy if you have full glass coverage that pays the full amount with no deductible.

Simple comprehensive coverage won’t do that. You pay the deductible before your comprehensive covers the repair. With full glass coverage, you don’t pay anything out-of-pocket.

What if your car’s battery dies when you’re driving on the interstate? You can get it jump-started, but how much will you pay? With car towing coverage, towing and labor charges will be taken care of with no hassle.

Do you need a rental car after a wreck? Rental car expense coverage will help pay the charges you face while yours undergoes repair.

If you accidentally run a red light and injure another person, who covers the costs of those injuries? Any The Hartford auto insurance review reminds us that auto policy bodily injury liability can help pay the bill.

More Coverage

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Property damage liability pays costs when your vehicle damages other people’s property. When you accidentally knock down the neighbor’s mailbox, your insurance will pay for it. In most states, liability insurance is what is required for minimum coverage.

What if an uninsured driver hits your car? Or an insured driver has property damage coverage, but doesn’t have enough to cover the losses? Your uninsured-underinsured motorist property damage coverage will help handle the situation.

Are you looking for coverage that goes beyond accidents and damages? Make sure you have personal umbrella coverage. It helps when a covered loss is more than the amount your liability coverage provides.

Full coverage auto insurance provides liability, collision, and comprehensive. It won’t cover all the damages. However, it will help you deal with the risks you take when you drive or own a vehicle.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Review: Extra Discounts

Like most car insurance companies, The Hartford offers a competitive, safe driver discount.

Today’s vehicles come with various bells and whistles that make it safer. The Hartford recognizes that. So, if your car has alarms and tracking devices that are active or passive, you qualify for a discount.

Airbags are common in cars these days. If yours has them, you qualify for a discount on your auto insurance policy.

Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more common in today’s world. They can save you money, too. If you drive either, you are eligible for The Hartford’s vehicle fuel type discount — and that’s just scratching the surface.

Learning Can Bring Discounts

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Our The Hartford auto insurance review tells us the company offers discounts for drivers dedicated to learning — in the car and the classroom.

Drivers under 21 years (25 in Georgia) get a premium credit called a driver training discount when they complete an approved training course.

Good student discounts are available for drivers 16 to 25 years old who are full-time students. They must attend high school, college, university, or vocational-technical school and meet certain requirements: Be in the upper 20 percent of the class scholastically, have a B or equivalent average, a 3.0 out of 4.0-grade point average, and make the honor roll, Dean’s list, or similar academic ranking.

Qualifying is simple. When you renew your policy, provide a report card to show the student met the requirements during the most recently completed semester.

Have you completed a defensive driver course? If so, you can enjoy a discount for the next three years. Send The Hartford a copy of the completion certificate you receive. Company officials will apply the credit to your car insurance premium.

Finally, if you select to pay your bill in full, you will get an additional discount.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Review: AARP Members Benefit

Older Americans get The Hartford Auto Insurance coverage through its partnership with AARP.

If you’re a senior with an AARP/The Hartford Auto Insurance policy, you qualify for lifetime renewability. The company will not deny coverage as long as you pay premiums, possess a valid driver’s license, and meet other requirements. However, it’s not available in all states.

Policy discounts designed exclusively for AARP members are part of the program, too.

You qualify for RecoverCare if a car accident injury prevents you from doing common activities, and if Medicare or health insurance don’t cover your injury. Those include transportation, cooking, cleaning, and more. Some states don’t provide this, so you’ll need to look into your specific situation.

New car replacement is available for seniors, too. If your new car is totaled within 15,000 miles or 15 months of purchase, you’ll get a check for a new vehicle of the same make and model.

Other features may be available. Check out first-accident forgiveness, disappearing deductible, deductible waiver, one deductible, and $100 collision deductible for seniors. Learn more by clicking the link.

Taking a Look at Competitors

The Hartford Auto Insurance compares well with other auto insurance companies. Our The Hartford auto insurance review looks at two well-known competitors.

​Looking at Allstate

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Allstate is a much larger company, but The Hartford’s customer satisfaction surveys reflect higher ratings. The Hartford’s financial ratings are lower, however. It’s still one of the top providers when it comes to financial security, though.

Allstate offers comprehensive and collision coverage for its members, in addition to uninsured motorist, roadside coverage, personal injury, and personal property coverage.

They also offer specialty policies to cover the classic car you covet in your garage, plus you’re covered when you rideshare. Uber, anyone?

Like The Harford and other insurance companies, Allstate has discounts to offer that help bring your premium in line with your budget. These include multi-policy and smart student discounts.

Allstate earned 4.13 stars out of 5 for customer satisfaction from Clearsurance. That’s pretty amazing.

How State Farm Compares

Our Hartford Auto Insurance Review tells us State Farm compares with The Hartford in much the same way as Allstate. They offer similar coverage and discounts.

State Farm is the United State’s largest insurance provider, so it’s highly possible to find an agent you can contact personally — even if you live in a small town. But the neighborly attitude at State Farm comes at a premium.

Their insurance costs are higher than others, although they receive a great 4.0 out of 5-star rating from Nerdwallet for customer satisfaction.

Like Allstate, State Farm offers multi-policy discounts, as well as good student discounts to bring your monthly premiums down. As far as coverage, all three compare with regards to comp, collision, personal injury, and property damage. They also offer rideshare coverage and driver refresher courses for those of us who need one.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Review You Need

The Hartford is a major player in the car insurance industry. JD Power’s customer satisfaction survey gives it okay scores. Certainly not the best of the bunch, but not the worst.

That said, its online experience reflects the company’s concern for its customers. Online quotes and purchase tools are user-friendly. Interfaces are simple, and you can learn the process easily.

And it provides ample discounts. Those for anti-theft devices and good driving records are just two of many.

Plus, AARP members benefit greatly. First accident forgiveness and a disappearing deductible when you maintain a clean driving record are great examples. However, if you’re not an AARP member, you likely will not be able to obtain coverage in your state.

If you’re looking for car insurance, any fair The Hartford auto insurance review will tell you the obvious — get a quote today, and see if they’re the right company for you. While you’re at it, get quotes from all of the insurance companies and compare based on your personal circumstances. That’s the only way to know for sure.

Do you have a story regarding The Hartford, or another car insurance experience you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!


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