Good 2 Go Car Insurance Review: Is It For You?

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To legally drive a vehicle anywhere in the US, you must have insurance. This protects you and other drivers on the road from the shockingly high expenses of recovering from an accident. Medical care is expensive. Car repairs are expensive. Other drivers and pedestrians can sue you. Insurance provides everyone a financial buffer covering these expenses. The problem is, insurance companies charge extra and/or will not insure you if they consider you a “high-risk” driver. Fortunately, there are insurance companies that fill the gap by specializing in the high-risk driver. The sheer number of reader questions about these companies prompted us to seek and compare a few in this Good 2 Go car insurance review.

How Did I Become a High-Risk Driver?

It may not be your fault. Because they have the data to prove their case, insurance companies are allowed to discriminate. They can deem you “high-risk” if you are a young, inexperienced driver or if you are above a “certain” age. You also qualify as “high-risk” if you have not had insurance in a long time, have a history of accidents, a DUI, particularly bad credit, or live in a zip code with lots of accidents. Being high-risk can make insurance expensive and/or difficult to get. 

What Is Good 2 Go Car Insurance?

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Good 2 Go is an online car insurance search/comparison tool. We chose to focus on a Good 2 Go car insurance review because they specialize in helping “high-risk” drivers find the best insurance terms. Their website asks you for essential information required to provide a quote (your address, vehicle model/year, and contact preferences), then searches insurance companies who can provide you a policy. This includes major names (such as Progressive), as well as smaller insurers you may not have heard of, but who provide friendlier rates.

Good 2 Go Is Also an Insurer

Besides an automobile insurance comparison tool, Good 2 Go is also an insurance provider. When you search using the Good 2 Go site, they will include themselves as one of the options. This made them unique in our Good 2 Go car insurance review, as each other site will only include their own company in your quotes.

Product Specs

Flexibility Is As Important As Low Price

There’s one major factor that our Good 2 Go Car Insurance review clued us into—choosing between insurers is not just about low prices. It is also about payment terms. Many people searching for low-cost insurance are less concerned about total price than they are about payment terms that better sync with their paycheck cycle.

In our Good 2 Go Car Insurance review, we were able to find policies that could get you on the road immediately for a $20 down payment. They also allowed you to split payments into monthly, twice-monthly, or weekly installments. You could even print the proof of insurance from the web or carry it on your phone as an app.

Prepare to Type and Click a Bit

One factor we found troublesome at first was the number of times we had to enter information on each site during our Good 2 Go Car insurance review. However, on closer inspection, we realized there were two reasons for this. First, Good 2 Go only asked for and passed through to each site the core information required to provide its own quote. This minimizes the amount of personal information that gets shared. Second, each of the other insurers had a unique list of the required information to customize your quote.

Let’s face it: In this Good 2 Go Car Insurance review scenario, you are shopping for the best deal. As much as an online tool can help narrow that search to a few solid choices, you still have to do a little footwork to fine-tune the best deals. The extra effort means the lowest price and/or best payment arrangements.

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A Pro Tip for the Serious Online Insurance Shopper

No matter how you shop for insurance deals, it will require lots of re-typing the same information into numerous sites. As we conducted this review (and bemoaned all this repeated data entry), our IT guy suggested fine-tuning our web browser’s ability to enter frequently request details (name, address, contact information, etc.). This became a major time saver, as the browser started doing a chunk of the work for us. If you are unfamiliar with this function, simply google “browser auto-fill” and add the name of your browser (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge). Cutting down on this burden let us put our energies into the comparison/evaluation part of this Good 2 Go Car Insurance review.


Price comparisons were nearly impossible for this Good 2 Go Car Insurance review, as your own insurance rates are going to vary greatly based on personal factors we cannot replicate. This includes your age, gender, driving history, education, financial track record, and zip code. Even if we picked the same exact car and address to run through each insurance quote system, there are other factors that affect the results.

However, Good 2 Go Had the Best Spread of Rates and Terms

This seems like a no-brainer, given that it is the only true comparison site we explored. However, we found that many sites will provide either a good price or flexible payment arrangements (including low down-payments). Few did both. Our Good 2 Go Car Insurance review gave us a spectrum of these either-or propositions to compare, allowing us to make the best selection for our needs.

How It Compares

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We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. Our approach was to compare the experience of securing a quote from three of the major insurers based on three factors:

Each of these firms is known for:

  1. 1Being willing to work with high-risk drivers
  2. 2Providing lower-rates and/or flexible payment arrangements
  3. 3Allowing you to secure a quote, make a down payment, and print your proof of insurance from the web or an app

We Considered:

  1. 1Progressive
  2. 2Geico
  3. 3The General

Good 2 Go Car Insurance Review

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​Image via Good2go

Price $

Special note: Though every Good 2 Go search provides a range of prices and payment arrangements, it consistently delivered us the best of both. This earns Good 2 Go the best price rating possible.

Ease of Application ***

Special note: Expect to do a lot of typing and clicking. However, that extra effort will find the best deal.

Claim Process ****

Special note: In many cases, you will be dealing with an insurer other than Good 2 Go, so be sure to look at that particular company’s claim process for best comparisons.

Customer Service ****

Special note: Again, with the comparison feature, it is possible you will be getting a quote from someone other than Good 2 Go. Be sure to research that company’s customer service ratings.


  • Provides the fastest access to comparison quotes specifically for high-risk drivers
  • Gives you insight into multiple companies with a spectrum of price vs. payment arrangements
  • Finds lesser-known niche insurers that can serve your needs better than big names


  • Prepare to type/click quite a bit, as this finds you the best deals with multiple Good 2 Go partners
  • Reviewing several companies at once requires more due-diligence

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Progressive Insurance

Progressive insurance logo

​Image via Progressive

Progressive, with its ubiquitous spokesperson Flo, is hard to miss. Fortunately, the company is equally as good at the quick online quote, payment arrangement flexibility, and instant-print proof-of-insurance. That’s one of our main criteria. The one area they may be lacking is that low down payment.

Price $$

Ease of Application *****

Special note: Progressive is one of Good 2 Go’s partner providers. Though progressive’s online application system is among the best, you might want to start with Good 2 Go’s comparison site first. They will tell you if Progressive can provide you a policy with a little less typing. Once you know this much, it is easy to continue to Progressive’s site to fine-tune that quote.

Claim Process *****

Progressive is one of the highest-rated claim systems. Careful, though. They also investigate more thoroughly than other firms when you make a claim. (Apparently, Flo is good at everything.)

Customer Service *****

Progressive is great on the phone and has a fleet of claims investigators in every city to help you at the scene of an accident if necessary.


  • Easiest of the sites for getting a quote and purchasing it online
  • Excellent claims process
  • In an accident, claims adjusters will come to you


  • Not as “forgiving” as some of Good 2 Go’s other partners, so harder to qualify
  • Payment arrangement flexibility is better than their pricing

Geico Insurance

Geico insurance logo

​Image via Geico

The Geico Gecko might be the only insurance mascot more prevalent than Progressive’s Flo. Geico is also out to beat Progressive at their own game as far as the ease of online quotes, application, and instant proof-of-insurance. However, that Gecko is known for being a little more choosy and difficult for some high-risk drivers to qualify for.

Price $$$

Ease of Application ****

The only thing easier than getting a Geico quote is reading this sentence.

Claim Process ***

Geico is still a leader in customer service, but it cannot compete with Progressive’s fleet of mobile claim specialists.

Customer Service *****

Geico sets the industry standard for being responsive and easy to work with.


  • Application process/instant proof-of-insurance is top in the industry
  • Customer service receives endless customer accolades
  • The claim process is nearly painless


  • More difficult for high-risk drivers to qualify
  • Rarely included in comparison sites, so you must apply directly at Geico’s site

The General

Logo of the general insurance

​Image via TheGeneral

Many people who encounter The General’s ads (featuring a cartoon WW2-era mustachioed character palling around with retired NBA star Shaq) do not realize the company’s name is actually “The General.” However, this is a company focused around two of our main criteria:

  1. 1The instant quote, payment, and proof-of-insurance if you qualify
  2. 2Lower prices and flexible terms for drivers other insurance companies eschew

Price $

Ease of Application ****

The comparison process is not quite as refined as Progressive or Geico, but more streamlined than the Good 2 Go process. However, note that you are only dealing with one company, so you only get The General’s offer.

Claim Process ***

We found reviews mixed on this. Some customers raved. Others complained about response times. The General is a smaller firm than Progressive or Geico, so it has fewer resources to dedicate to the claim process.

Customer Service ****

Outside of the mixed claim process reviews, customers like the customer service response times and the quick approvals when applying for a policy as a new customer. Most transactions are conducted online.


  • Friendlier to high-risk drivers than Progressive and Geico
  • Similar fast application/proof-of-insurance transactions
  • More flexible pricing and payment arrangements


  • A smaller company with fewer claim resources
  • Tends to push you to online resources


Our Good 2 Go Car Insurance review bottom line: If you are serious about finding that lowest price and/or flexible payment arrangements, start with Good 2 Go’s comparison site. It may require more typing and clicking than other sites, but we consistently found that it clued us in to the best deals. This was especially true when it found deals with partner companies we would never have considered. This saved a ton of time and effort. In many cases, these were the best deals we found, period. We did still have to perform some due diligence on the lesser-known companies to make sure they met customer service and claim service needs.

The General Beat Good 2 Go Just Once

Since the other three sites provided easy quotes (and we already had all of our key information loaded into the browser’s auto-fill), we tried applying there directly as well. In all but one case, the Good 2 Go site showed us better deals. The one time it did not, The General came out on top. However, this process gave us a solid sense of what we should be looking for in an insurance provider. For the high-risk driver, it is hard to beat Good 2 Go.

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