Ameriprise Car Insurance Review

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Choosing the right car insurance is essential to protecting your assets in the event of an accident. That said, the process of picking which insurance company will best suit your needs can be stressful. This Ameriprise car insurance review is designed to make your search a little easier. In order to pick the best insurance, you have to explore the options available and do a lot of comparative research. Fortunately, we have done all the work for you!

There are numerous considerations when picking car insurance such as how much coverage to purchase, your driving record, and which company will be the best fit for your lifestyle and needs. As a consumer, you should receive the best service for your money. In this Ameriprise car insurance review, we will present an honest comparison between Ameriprise and other quality insurance providers.

​What Is Ameriprise Car Insurance?

The obvious place to start with an Ameriprise car insurance review is making it clear Ameriprise has some of the lowest rates in the industry. For drivers who want decent coverage at a budget price, they are the ideal choice. There are also a variety of discounts available that can give you added savings on their already low rates.

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That said, it is important to note Ameriprise is only available in 34 states. So your location will have a great deal to do with whether you will be able to access their coverage. Also, if you are a high-risk driver, meaning you have accidents a lot, they may not provide you with the best deal. They review past driving history for six years when considering your quote, vs. the five-year industry standard

​Ameriprise Car Insurance Review – Special Features

While researching for this Ameriprise car insurance review, we found benefits beyond the company’s reputation for low prices and excellent customer service. They have a variety of coverage options, like stolen key replacement for key sets under $250 and windshield repairs, included at no additional cost.

They also offer lifetime renewability for customers who opt into their financial planning services program. Policyholders can expect streamlined claims and policy management, allowing you 24/7 accident reporting and online policy management. There is accident forgiveness for policyholders who have three consecutive accident-free years.

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The exceptions to accident forgiveness benefits are policyholders in California, Kansas, and North Carolina. If you live in one of those states, the company gradually lowers any accident related surcharges you may have. They also offer glass repair deductible waivers for windshield damage caused by instances like cracks on road trips. The waiver does not cover full windshield replacement.

Something very useful is the accident travel expense contributions, It helps cover travel or accommodation needed because of accidents more than 100 miles from your residence. It is worth noting, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Ameriprise has relatively few consumer complaints. All considered, it is understandable why we chose an Ameriprise car insurance review.


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We obviously can’t do a proper Ameriprise car insurance review without talking directly about the cost. Ameriprise has base rates that are pretty close to the industry standard. What pulls their prices below the norm, and has given them a reputation for budget deals, are the discounts. If one or more of their various discounts apply to you, it can make an Ameriprise quote surprisingly low.

​How It Compares

Now that we have sung the praises of Ameriprise, it is only fair to round out this Ameriprise car insurance review by showing you how they directly compare to other auto insurance companies. The most competitive options we found for review were:

  • Esurance
  • Progressive
  • Geico


Ameriprise Car Insurance

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Coverage Options

The coverage options for Ameriprise are pretty much in line with industry standards. That said, certain factors, such as your driver demographic, have an effect on your quote. Younger drivers, even with a clean driving record, will pay more. In those cases, customers may find better deals, initially at least, with other companies.

Part of our Ameriprise car insurance review has to address specialty vehicle insurance coverage. If you own an ATV, boat or other watercraft, collector car, or motorcycle, you will need specialty vehicle insurance coverage.

Ameriprise does not directly offer such insurance but can provide you a quote through one of their partner insurers. They partner with Progressive, American Modern, Arrowhead, Chubb, Embrace, Hartford, and RLI.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent discounts
  • Highly rated


  • Not good for young drivers
  • Mediocre website
  • No in-house specialty vehicle coverage


As with most insurance companies, combining homeowners and/or umbrella coverage provides an additional discount on your policy. Other discounts Ameriprise offers include a safe driving discount. Similarly to their accident forgiveness, this discount is offered if you have been accident-free for three years.

In some states, you will see a reduction in your accident-related surcharges every year you go without having an “at fault” accident. If you take a state-approved course in defensive driving, you can receive a discount as well. For vehicles equipped with safety features, there is a vehicle safety feature discount. The features that qualify include things like anti-lock brakes and airbags.

An interesting discount is the one offered to people who put their cars in garages at night. There are education discounts for high-achieving students and discounts for post-high school students who do not live at home full time. Of course, multi-vehicle discounts and discounts for long-term Ameriprise customers, with a three-year minimum, also apply.


Whilst the Ameriprise website does offer convenience. It is not especially easy to navigate and does not have the most shining reviews. However for those customers who are web savvy, the convenience of being able to update information, make payments, file claims, and address policy questions and concerns at a click is a bonus. The app is comparable to the online experience.

Ease of Filing Claims

The initial claim filing process is generally rated by customers as very easy. There are 24/7 claims support services by phone and on the company’s website. Also, they provide a comprehensive list of recommended repair centers for your convenience.



Image via Esurance website

Esurance is unique in that they pioneered the online auto insurance boom. Hence the name Esurance. They are ideal for drivers who have simple, straightforward insurance needs and allow customers to greatly control their own policy details. If you prefer the ease of online quotes and virtual help centers over phone contact, they are the company for you. Almost everything about their company has been digitized.

Coverage Options

Esurance is designed to be straight forward and barebones. That is not a negative per se, but it is not a great option for drivers who have unique or extensive coverage needs. That said, they cover a large variety of vehicles including ATVs, boats, business vehicles, classic cars, RV’s, and even golf carts and segways.


  • Online based
  • Inexpensive
  • Very streamlined


  • Basic coverage
  • Low claim filing satisfaction
  • Little person to person interaction


Surprisingly, Esurance offers several discounts. There is a Fast 5 discount which gives five percent off to qualifying drivers and a switch and save discount for new customers. Paying in full and multiple policies also garner discounts. If you download their Drivesense app you will get a discount, and another if you go claim free for 60 consecutive months. There are also the standard multi-car, good driver and comparable industry discounts available.


Hands down, Esurance has the best website of any company on our list. That is understandable since they are a completely digital insurance company. You can literally do everything on their state of the art website. Their application is equally efficient.

Ease of Filing Claims

Esurance is rated very low for their claim filing process. According to J.D. Power, their customer satisfaction in this area is well below the national average industry standard. This could be because almost entire process is designed to never require actual verbal or physical person to person contact. The lack of more traditional customer service is sometimes a downside during the claim process.

Customers also reported difficulty with their rental experiences and overall service interaction. Many of the above concerns might not be a factor for people comfortable with conducting business online. It is for that reason, on this Ameriprise car insurance review, we are willing to give Esurance some leeway with regard to their failing ratings.


Progressive Insurance

Image via Progressive website

Progressive gained increased popularity after their ad campaign featuring the character Flo. They are not particularly budget-friendly, but their coverage options are comprehensive. They feature a relatively generous variety of discounts for qualifying drivers. Based on consumer reports, on the customer service side, they are fairly middle of the road.

Coverage Options

Progressive has a pretty run of the mill coverage spectrum. Incentives like the Snapshot program, offer significant discounts for dependable drivers. However they are also one of the most forgiving companies when it comes to past accidents. Drivers with an accident marked in the assessed time period can save as much as $400 compared to Ameriprise – without other discounts considered.

Similarly to Ameriprise, Progressive charges higher rates to insure younger drivers. That said, they do have coverage available for pet injury, custom parts and equipment, as well as gap insurance, making them an ideal choice for some drivers.


  • Excellent choice for experienced conservative drivers
  • Specialty vehicle coverage
  • Pet injury coverage


  • Expensive for most drivers
  • Mediocre customer service
  • Biased against younger drivers


As mentioned before, Progressive offers the Snapshot program, which provides a significant discount for dependable drivers. They also have discounts for drivers who start their quote online and another discount if you sign your final documents online.

Then there are the standard discounts like the multi-car discount, pay in full discount, bundle insurance discount, and good student discount. There is also a homeowners discount, applicable to anyone who owns a home regardless of if it is insured by Progressive. Maintaining continuous insurance, regardless of who your past insurer was, gains another discount, as does autopay.


Progressive is well, pretty progressive, so their website is well designed. They seem to want customers to do as much digitally as possible, so it is easy to use and comprehensive. The application is lackluster.

Ease of Filing Claims

Progressive’s claim filing process is very easy and straight forward. They offer 24/7 claim processing assistance both online and via phone.


Geico Insurance

Image via Geico website

GEICO is an inexpensive car insurance with a basic set of coverages. They were made popular with their slogan “15 minutes or more can save you 15 percent on car insurance”. Historically, the company’s target market is government employees, but anyone can use their insurance services.

Coverage Options

Geico is pretty clear cut with its coverage and a strong contender on our Ameriprise car insurance review. Repairs, roadside assistance, bodily injury liability, medical assistance, uninsured motorist coverage, property damage, and collision coverage are all offered. They also offer rideshare coverage.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lifetime guarantee on approved center repairs
  • Rideshare coverage


  • Not ideal for drivers with poor driving history
  • Basic coverage
  • Few discounts available


Geico is ideal for drivers with clean records. There are not many discounts they offer. Rather, they are an overall reasonable and affordable choice for responsible drivers.


Geico has an up to date and comprehensive website. You are able to check policies, make payments and file claims online with ease. Their application is not worth the download.

Ease of Filing Claims

The claim filing process is easy and, when the vehicle is drivable, they normally send an adjuster within 24 hours. Whilst you can choose any repair center, they have an Auto Repair Xpress program and offer a lifetime guarantee on the services received from repair centers on that list.


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When considering all the insurance providers above, we have to conclude our Ameriprise car insurance review by giving the company 4 stars. They are inexpensive, have numerous discounts, and extensive coverage. We found the company to be a suitable and economical choice for most drivers.


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